Cancer Takes a Licking from Lollies for Life


The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation (SWCRF) was reminded recently that you’re never too young to join the efforts to find a cure for cancer. SWCRF founder and CEO Samuel Waxman received a lovely note and donation from Casey Graftstein, a girl who turned the occasion of her Bat Mitzvah into a unique and heartwarming fundraiser for cancer research by staging  “Lollies for Life.”

The Grafstein family is very grateful to Dr. Waxman, who treated Casey’s grandmothers, Marsha and Judy, who passed away from cancer. To show her appreciation for his care to her grandmothers, Casey created a sticker with the tagline “Help lick cancer away!” and sold large lollipops to raise funds for the SWCRF. Casey’s efforts, which included personal donations she made on behalf of her Bat Mitzvah guests, raised more than $750 and every cent of it will go to advance our scientists’ efforts to reprogram cancer cells to find a cure.

Casey’s creativity, dedication and philanthropic spirit set an example for us all and we thank her for her “sweet” donation, which, to us and people living with cancer, is priceless.