Artist Daniel Pollera paints a hopeful vision of finding a cancer cure with the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation




Hamptons-based artist Daniel Pollera has created a painting to reflect the mission of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation (SWCRF). The painting, titled “A Path To A Cure,” will be viewed by the public for the first time on July 2 at ArtHamptons, where it will be exhibited for sale and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Foundation.



Daniel Pollera

When I was first asked by Linda Shapiro of LBS Productions to be involved with the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation’s annual  “A Hamptons Happening” fundraiser, I had never met Sam Waxman or his lovely wife Marion. After our first meet in January of this year I felt a strong connection with everyone involved. Sam had asked me to do a painting that reflected the mission of the Foundation and he wanted to make it into a poster. Ideas were racing through my mind as I thought about losing my mother to cancer and other friends to this dreadful disease. Sam is dedicated to finding a cure. When you think about it, isn’t is reassuring to know that while we all wait to see if some day cancer will strike us or a loved one that somebody is out there working hard to find a cure? Sam is doing that, so I felt I needed to do my part to help him by creating this image.

My first thoughts on the painting varied, but Sam gave me a thumbs up on one of my suggestions. It was simple but powerful in getting our message across … “A Path to A Cure.” Although the painting was created in my imagination, it was also influenced by my thoughts of empathy, commitment and happiness in finding a cure that awaits us on the horizon. The painting is of a beautiful beach, indicative of the Hamptons, along with a path cutting through low dunes and the sparkling ocean. I feel I have created this with all good thoughts in mind and with the help of friends and family that I have lost looking over my shoulder.

As seen on the cover of Dan's Papers

Signed posters of this beautiful image will be available to the public at ArtHamptons and at A Hamptons Happening on July 11 where all proceeds will go to the SWCRF.

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For more information about Daniel Pollera, visit: www.danielpollera.com