Jonathan Licht, M.D. Wilson Miller, M.D., Ph.D
University of Florida Health Jewish General Hospital

Oncoproteins and the Response to Anti-Tumor Agents in Hematological Malignancy

PLZF (a promyelocytic leukemia zinc-finger protein) is a transcriptional repressor, which is regarded as a growth regulator capable of inhibiting cellular growth by altering the expression of molecules involved in the control of the cell cycle. Drs. Licht, Miller, and Zelent are working to explore the function and dysfunction of PLZF in normal hematopoiesis (formation and development of cells in the blood) in greater detail using molecular and functional approaches. Changes to the native protein that alters function will be addressed as well as the comparison of transcription in native and fusion proteins. The response to therapy and the expression of genes is also studied.