Frequently asked questions


What does the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation support?

The SWCRF provides grants to institutions to fund novel research to better understand the causes of cancer and reprogramming cancer cells.


What kinds of grants are available?

a) Individual Grants: all NCI-designated Cancer Centers are invited to submit one new proposal from an individual investigator each year. A Request for Application will be mailed to every NCI-designated Cancer Center Director in December.

b) Collaborative Grants: all investigators who are current or past recipients of SWCRF funding are eligible to apply for a Collaborative grant. Investigators may propose a new or continuing study with new, additional, or existing collaborators. The Request for Application will be sent to each investigator directly in January.


How are grants selected?

All grant proposals are reviewed by a team of physician-scientists. The applications that receive priority scores are then peer-reviewed at a two-day, in-person meeting of the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation's Annual Scientific Review.


How much are the grants?

Collaborative grants typically range from $60,000-$150,000 depending upon the number of investigators and the scope of work; Individual grants are $100,000 with the potential of multi-year renewal.