Our Research 

The Waxman Foundation has been a pioneer in developing the concept of reprogramming cancer cells. Our scientists were the first to use differentiation therapy to cure a form of acute leukemia. Their pioneering work continues as epigenetic therapies are created by collaborative teams of Waxman-funded investigators in other blood cancers as well as solid tumors.

As the root cause of cancer formation and mortality are found in cancer stem cells, we believe that cancer can be eradicated by epigenetic therapy specifically designed by our network of scientists. We believe the more scientists understand about the common denominators that cancers share, the better they can find effective cures across all disease types. 

The work of the Foundation funds research that spans the spectrum of cancer—from children to adults; from men to women; and from those who are newly diagnosed to those with more advanced disease. In addition to funding research on tumor dormancy, cancer stem cells and epigenetics, the SWCRF funds specific cancer research programs, such as brain, breast, colon, lung and pediatric cancers. 

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